Mikey B achieved quick success debuting internationally as a skilled multi-instrumentalist touring with For the Foxes (Hopeless Records) between 2010 and 2013. In 2014, Mikey wrote the song “Stay Awhile”, which Unilever’s Fruttare brand adopted as their global anthem. Mikey went on to collaborate with world renowned DJ Tiesto on a remix of the track, achieving overnight worldwide radio play with the single.

Mikey was the 2015 recipient of the award for Best Audio Identity from the Audio Branding Academy. Suddenly finding himself thrust into the world of sonic branding, Mikey took full advantage rebranding Hot Wheels for Mattel; and composing and recording the network anthem for NBC Universo, premiering the track to millions in prime time during Super Bowl XLIX. Wanting however to stay in touch with his more creative roots, during this period Mikey also wrote songs “Amalthea” and “Cut Loose Mix (II)”, featured in Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man”.

2017 returned Mikey to the studio where he channeled his varied experience to carefully craft the sound for his infectious neon-pop tour de force EP, COLD BREW (to be released 2018).

"Recorded, produced and written solely by the artist himself, the EP is a showcase of what the artist is all about – no ifs, no buts, no brands telling him how his music should sound, Cold Brew is the record Mikey B made for himself; and it’s downright fantastic.  Upbeat indielectro at it’s finest… definitely one for the summer playlist.”

- Born Music 

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